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This is a crucial time for Arab Americans. Donations from our members and friends are VITAL to ADC.

Help us combat discrimination, protect the civil and human rights of the Arab American community, promote mutual understanding, and preserve our rich cultural heritage.

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  • Donate by Mail - Complete the form and mail to:
    ADC -  1705 Desales Street, NW Suite 500  Washington, DC 20036

    Please note: When mailing your donation, please include your own name and address so a receipt can be mailed to you for your contribution. If the donation is in memory or honor of someone else and you would like an acknowledgement card sent to a family member informing them of your donation, please include the full name and address of this person when you mail in your contribution.
  • Donate by Fax - Complete the form and fax to (202) 333-6470.
  • Donate by Phone - (202) 244-2990